Woman Survived Accident & Made World Record For Highest Fall Without Parachute

Man Almost Marries Wrong Woman After Google Maps Leads Him To Wrong Destination

Why It’s Illegal To Sell Or Buy Chewing Gums in Singapore?

Why Apple Logo Is Half-Eaten?

Why Casinos Don’t Have Clocks Or Windows?

Nigerian Man Survived For 3 Days Trapped 30m Deep In Freezing Seawater

Why Planes Don’t Fly Over Holy Kaaba?

Why Wearing Blue Jeans is Illegal In North Korea?

Man With The Heart Of A Suicide Victim Takes His Own Life

Why Do We Dream?

Neurable Company Created A Headphones That Reads Your Mind, & Play Song According To Your Current Mood

Why Volvo Made Patent Free Seat Belt?

New Zealand Was The First Country Which Allowed All Women Right To Vote

Tissue Used By Messi In His Farewell Speech Is Being Auctioned For $1 Million

Israel’s New Camouflage Technology Can Make Soldiers Virtually ‘Invisible’


Kenyan Female Won Her First Marathon In 1973 While Barefoot & Wearing Nothing But A Petticoat

Meet Sabina Chebichi. Born on 13/05/1959, she won her first marathon in 1973 while barefoot and wearing nothing but a ...
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UK Mum Murdered Her Husband By Pouring Boiling Water

In UK, a mum murdered her husband by pouring boiling water mixed with sugar over his body as he slept ...
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In 2008, A British 19 Y/O Changed His Name & Grandmother Was No Longer Speaking To Him

What's your name, by the way? Have you ever wished your parents had given you a different name? Of course, ...
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In 2013, A Comedian Hired A Skywriter To Write “How Do I Land?” Over Los Angeles

Braunohler used the money he raised on the fundraising website to scrawl a message into the clouds above Los Angeles ...
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Why Kids Enter Football Field With Players?

We see them before nearly every game, but why do those kids accompany players when they walk onto the pitch ...
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British Spies Used Semen As Invisible Ink During WWI

During World War I, British spies were looking for the perfect invisible ink and thought natural fluids would be ideal ...
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