Woman With ‘Biggest Lips In The World’ Shares Pictures After Her 20th Lip Job

Woman with ‘Biggest Lips in the World’ shares pictures after her 20th Lip Job. She believes it was worth every penny. A Barbie doll wants to be who thinks she has the world’s biggest lips has had her 20th lip injection. Andrea Ivanova, a Bulgarian woman, has had over 20 hyaluronic acid lip injections with … Read more

“Zoo Jeans” Is A Company That Lets Big Wild Cats “Design” Jeans By Tearing Holes In The Denim

“Zoo Jeans” is a company that lets Lions, Tigers, and Bears “design” Jeans by tearing holes in the Denim. The finished products are auctioned off to raise money for the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan. We’ve already seen the Animal Face Pack, which transformed animals from Tokyo’s famous Ueno Zoo into cosmetics. Now, how about … Read more

Technology That Can Digitally Print Images Onto Your Hair

As a way to extend the floral designs woven into garments, Barcelona-based stylist Alexis Ferrer has developed a printing method that embellishes blunt bobs and Marcel waves with rich, colorful patterns inspired by the β€œbest fabrics for the French bourgeoisie during the XVIII century.”  The hair world seemed to come to a halt in autumn 2020 when … Read more