Senior South African Pilot Fired For Flying With Fake Licence For 20 Years

Senior South African Pilot Fired For Flying With Fake Licence For 20 Years

After it was discovered that he had a fake licence, South African pilot William Chandler had to resign. He had been flying for the past 20 years! He demonstrated that a licence is nothing more than a piece of paper. After a “reportable incident” on a flight from South Africa to Germany, SAA discovered William … Read more

Belgium Woman Banned From Zoo For Having An ‘Affair’ With Chimpanzee

The woman had been barred from visiting the chimp named Chita at the Antwerp Zoo after officials discovered she had been spending far too much time with one of the chimps. A Belgian woman was recently barred from a zoo after confessing to having an “affair” with a chimpanzee in a bizarre incident. What appears … Read more

Woman Discovers She’s 5 Months Pregnant After Feeling ‘Bloated’ After Sandwich

Woman Discovers She’s 5 Months Pregnant After Feeling ‘Bloated’ After Sandwich

A woman from California thought her stomach grew heavy after eating a sandwich, but she later discovered she was pregnant. She underwent numerous tests, all of which revealed that she was pregnant, and that she had been for five months. When a woman took a home test on the spur of the moment, she discovered … Read more

In 2008, A British 19 Y/O Changed His Name & Grandmother Was No Longer Speaking To Him

What’s your name, by the way? Have you ever wished your parents had given you a different name? Of course, you can legally change it, but it’s often a pain. None of this seemed to bother George Garratt in the least. The 19-year-old British music school graduate was dissatisfied with his plain old name and … Read more

In 2013, A Comedian Hired A Skywriter To Write “How Do I Land?” Over Los Angeles

Braunohler used the money he raised on the fundraising website to scrawl a message into the clouds above Los Angeles. ‘How do I land?’ read the message. Kurt Braunohler hoped to brighten people’s days in downtown Los Angeles for about 20 minutes by hiring “a man in a plane to write stupid things with clouds … Read more

British Spies Used Semen As Invisible Ink During WWI

During World War I, British spies were looking for the perfect invisible ink and thought natural fluids would be ideal. What’s the big deal about using sperm to write letters? … Semen fails the iodine vapour test, which previously turned all known invisible inks brown. During World War I, British spies experimented with a variety … Read more

Hitler, While In Prison, Wrote To A Mercedes Dealership Begging For A Car Loan

In Germany, a 1924 letter from the Fuhrer begging a Mercedes dealership for a loan for a Limousine has surfaced. He’d one day rule a large portion of the globe, but in 1924, a struggling dictator-in-waiting wasn’t above pleading to get what he wanted. Adolf Hitler’s letter requesting a loan to purchase a Mercedes limousine … Read more

Chinese City Builds A Bridge Around A Tiny House After Its Stubborn Owner Refused To Move

A Chinese city was forced to build a highway bridge around a tiny house after its stubborn owner refused to move and rejected all the compensation offers. When asked about the poor living conditions, the owner claimed that living there is “quiet” and “liberating. After the owner of a tiny house refused to sell it … Read more

Man Almost Marries Wrong Woman After Google Maps Leads Him To Wrong Destination

A Groom from Indonesia followed Google Maps and mistakenly reached the wrong destination for his Wedding. Interestingly, another Wedding was about to take place there & he almost got married to the wrong woman. After Google Maps misled him to the wrong location, an Indonesian man almost married the wrong woman. On Sunday, there were … Read more

“Zoo Jeans” Is A Company That Lets Big Wild Cats “Design” Jeans By Tearing Holes In The Denim

“Zoo Jeans” is a company that lets Lions, Tigers, and Bears “design” Jeans by tearing holes in the Denim. The finished products are auctioned off to raise money for the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan. We’ve already seen the Animal Face Pack, which transformed animals from Tokyo’s famous Ueno Zoo into cosmetics. Now, how about … Read more