Brazilian Prisoner Who Dug An Escape Tunnel For 5 Years To Burst Out In A Guard Room

Brazilian prisoner escape went terribly wrong. Anytime you feel life isn’t nice, remember this Brazilian prisoner who dug an escape tunnel for 5 years to burst out in a Guard Room

Four inmates attempted to break out of their cell by drilling a hole in the wall with a metal pipe from the prison’s shower. Unfortunately for them, they were as clever as a bag of hammers: the hole was too small, and the second prisoner became stuck inside, trapping the others.

The police caught him in the act because he was unable to move in or out.

It appears that he also screamed for his life. According to the Brazilian newspaper Jornal Populacional (in Portuguese), the prisoner realised it was impossible to pass through the hole after repeatedly injuring himself. That’s when he started screaming and pleading for help.

The guards entered at that point and discovered the surreal scene. They even photographed him while waiting for the fire department. The felon was freed using a hammer and drill by the fire department.

However, the first prisoner managed to break free, leaping over a 16.4-foot (five-meter) perimeter wall and a single electrified fence. According to the newspaper, the Ceres prison, which is located west of Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, is brand new. This occurred around 11 p.m. the night before the official inauguration.

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According to the paper, the hole has been repaired. Dorival Rodrigues, the construction worker who rebuilt the wall, was taken aback by the circumstances, claiming that he “found it weird because it was too easy” to have used such a primitive tool.

This convict, according to prison officials (in Portuguese), escaped last year as well. He was apprehended on the same day that time.

I’m hoping he gives it another shot. Third, there’s a charm and everything. [Jornal Populacional (in Portuguese) and Jornal Populacional (in Portuguese)]

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