Chinese City Builds A Bridge Around A Tiny House After Its Stubborn Owner Refused To Move

A Chinese city was forced to build a highway bridge around a tiny house after its stubborn owner refused to move and rejected all the compensation offers. When asked about the poor living conditions, the owner claimed that living there is “quiet” and “liberating.

After the owner of a tiny house refused to sell it to the government for a decade, a Chinese city built a highway bridge around it.

The structure is one of many in China known as ‘nail houses,’ or ‘dingzihu’ in Mandarin, where residents refuse to accept compensation from a developer for its demolition.

According to Guangdong TV, the one-story house contains a 40-square-metre flat and is located in a pit in the middle of a four-lane traffic link.

The owner, identified only by her surname Liang, stated that she had refused to relocate because the government had failed to provide her with a suitable replacement property in a desirable location.

“You think this environment is bad,” she explained, “but I think it’s quiet, liberating, pleasant, and comfortable.”

She went on to say that she was content to deal with the consequences and didn’t care what others thought of her.

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In an interview with Pear Video, she also claimed that the government had offered her alternative housing near a morgue, which was why she hadn’t settled.

According to Guangzhou Daily, the Haizhu district government stated that officials earmarked the plot on Huandao Road for demolition in 2010 in order to construct the Haizhuyong Bridge.

Ms Liang is the only person who still lives there, despite the fact that there are 47 households and seven businesses.

Authorities claimed to have offered the resident a variety of housing options as well as monetary compensation, but she had turned them all down.

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