Kenyan Female Won Her First Marathon In 1973 While Barefoot & Wearing Nothing But A Petticoat

Meet Sabina Chebichi. Born on 13/05/1959, she won her first marathon in 1973 while barefoot and wearing nothing but a Petticoat. Sabina went on to become the first Kenyan female athlete to win a medal at Commonwealth Games in 1974. There is no such thing as a perfect time in life. It’s flawed, complicated, unpredictably … Read more

British Spies Used Semen As Invisible Ink During WWI

During World War I, British spies were looking for the perfect invisible ink and thought natural fluids would be ideal. What’s the big deal about using sperm to write letters? … Semen fails the iodine vapour test, which previously turned all known invisible inks brown. During World War I, British spies experimented with a variety … Read more

Hitler, While In Prison, Wrote To A Mercedes Dealership Begging For A Car Loan

In Germany, a 1924 letter from the Fuhrer begging a Mercedes dealership for a loan for a Limousine has surfaced. He’d one day rule a large portion of the globe, but in 1924, a struggling dictator-in-waiting wasn’t above pleading to get what he wanted. Adolf Hitler’s letter requesting a loan to purchase a Mercedes limousine … Read more

New Zealand Was The First Country Which Allowed All Women Right To Vote

New Zealand was the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in, but not to stand for, parliamentary elections in 1893. New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to grant all women the right to vote in parliamentary elections on September 19, 1893, when … Read more

Sylvester Stallone Once Sold His Dog Due To Poverty

In 1971, the young Sylvester Stallone was completely broke and sold His Dog for $40. He later bought him back for $15,000. Sylvester Stallone, best known for his role in Rocky, posted the sweetest tribute to his dog Butkus on Instagram. β€œWhen I was 26, totally broke, going nowhere very fast, owned two pairs of … Read more

Woman Survived Accident & Made World Record For Highest Fall Without Parachute

Flight attendant Vesna Vulovic fell 33,333 ft (10,160 m) from an Airplane that had broken up mid-flight and survived, a world record for the highest fall without a parachute. On January 26, 1972, Vesna Vulovi (Yugoslavia, b. 3 January 1950; d. 23 December 2016) was 23 years old and working as a Jugoslavenski Aerotransport hostess … Read more