Technology That Can Digitally Print Images Onto Your Hair

As a way to extend the floral designs woven into garments, Barcelona-based stylist Alexis Ferrer has developed a printing method that embellishes blunt bobs and Marcel waves with rich, colorful patterns inspired by the “best fabrics for the French bourgeoisie during the XVIII century.” 

The hair world seemed to come to a halt in autumn 2020 when reigning Spanish Hairdresser of the Year Alexis Ferrer’s collection La Favorite went viral, bringing him international recognition.

Peonies, butterflies, and hummingbirds perched on blossoming twigs adorned the blonde bobs with such meticulous detail and razor-sharp precision that it was clear they weren’t hand-dyed or stencilled on.

Ferrer was asked to interpret a collection for the Wella Trend Vision Awards in 2012, and it was for that reason that he began to experiment with hair as a canvas for printing.

“The goal of the show was to experiment with a technique not commonly used in hairdressing, and photographic printing on hair seemed like the perfect way to visually represent a storey.”

Ferrer collaborated with designer Txell Miras for the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2017, whose collection was inspired by shipping containers and fishermen.Models walked the runway wearing masks and having fishermen’s portraits printed on their hair extensions.

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Ferrer updated his process from using photographic inks to digitally-generated ones three years later, after revisiting and perfecting the techniques, working on colour intensity and improving definition; a method that had been pioneered by the Spanish ‘head hacker’ group X-Presion in 2011, and won them an award at the Alternative Hair Show th Color gradients and intricate motifs replaced the limited black and white shading of Ferrer’s previous prints with this method.

“We were inspired by the palace gardens in 18th century France,” says Ferrer, “where flowers and animals inspired couturiers to create the best fabrics for the French bourgeoisie.”

In late December 2020, one of Hollywood’s top celebrity hairstylists shared a photo of Jennifer Lopez wearing a blonde bob with a floral branch design, igniting important debates about influence and originality.

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