Why Do We Dream?

Our mind splices together strange and familiar scenarios to make the strangest midnight movies ever. So, what exactly happens in your dreams, and what does it all mean? On asking about dreams with sleep medicine expert Michelle Drerup, PsyD, she said: The majority of our dreams happen during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which we … Read more

Why Volvo Made Patent Free Seat Belt?

When Volvo invented the three-point seat belt in 1959, They made the patent-free for all competitors to use in order to save lives, because “It had more value as a free life-saving tool than something to profit from.’ In this day and age of lane-departure warning systems and radar-guided automatic braking, it’s hard to believe … Read more

Neurable Company Created A Headphones That Reads Your Mind, & Play Song According To Your Current Mood

A Neurotechnology firm based in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States β€” has developed a pair of headphones that can read your thoughts. Enten is a brain-computer interface that resembles a regular pair of headphones and is equipped with sensors in strategic locations. Neurable, a neurotechnology company, has announced plans for brain-computer interface (BCI) headphones, … Read more

Israel’s New Camouflage Technology Can Make Soldiers Virtually ‘Invisible’

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Polaris Solutions, an Israeli survivability technology company, have developed ‘The Kit 300,’ a new 3D camouflage technology that could make soldiers invisible during covert military operations. Israel’s new Camouflage Technology can make soldiers virtually ‘invisible’ Polaris Solutions, an Israeli survivability products company, has developed a camouflage technology that … Read more

Technology That Can Digitally Print Images Onto Your Hair

As a way to extend the floral designs woven into garments, Barcelona-based stylist Alexis Ferrer has developed a printing method that embellishes blunt bobs and Marcel waves with rich, colorful patterns inspired by the β€œbest fabrics for the French bourgeoisie during the XVIII century.”  The hair world seemed to come to a halt in autumn 2020 when … Read more

Why Tyre Colour Is Always Black?

Do you ever wonder why, with so many colours in the rainbow, tyres are always black? Tires, unlike cars, come in a variety of colours. The rubber used to make tyres is a milky white colour, but carbon black is added as a stabilising chemical compound, turning the tyre black. The tread compound of the … Read more