Neurable Company Created A Headphones That Reads Your Mind, & Play Song According To Your Current Mood

A Neurotechnology firm based in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States — has developed a pair of headphones that can read your thoughts. Enten is a brain-computer interface that resembles a regular pair of headphones and is equipped with sensors in strategic locations.

Neurable, a neurotechnology company, has announced plans for brain-computer interface (BCI) headphones, which will be similar to previous products that learned from human movement and predicted intent.

Dr Ramses Alcaide, the product lead, came up with the concept. Alcaide was inspired by his uncle’s successful engineering of his own prosthetic legs after a horrific automobile accident, and he realised the value of technology that could help people with physical mobility.

Alcaide noticed the disparity between prosthetic abilities and brain-reading technology while working as a neuroscience PhD student with differently-abled individuals. Finally, his observations influenced his decision to concentrate on developing technology capable of interacting directly with the human brain in real-time.

Neurable has now opened the official pre-order for Enten, their first pair of BCI-capable headphones. These headphones are based on the fact that most people only have two to three hours of high productivity per day.

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The device assists users in time management by suggesting breaktime periods that allow them to maintain maximum focus throughout the day. The headphones, perhaps most importantly, use active controls to automatically silence notifications while you’re busy and passive controls to reduce distractions.

These headphones are based on Alcaide’s PhD research and span more than a decade of neuroscience research. In fact, he claims that this is the first pair of headphones designed from the ground up for everyday use.

Unlike generic EEG sensors found in labs, Enten’s BCI sensors are made of cloth, making them easier to move on and off the wearer’s head.

Indeed, these BCI headphones will have the same features as regular headphones that are currently in use for audio. At the same time, the new headphones give the user information about how their brain works. Enten is Neurable’s goal to be the neurotechnology device that proves to be the most feasible and relevant to user activities, where previous devices have failed.

With this product, Alcaide and his team are putting the human user first, rather than simply innovating for the sake of innovating. Neurable’s overall goal is to use BCI and similar technology to assist people all over the world in resolving real-world problems.

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By doing so, the team hopes to create devices that can assist users with these issues on an automated basis, allowing people to go about their days without having to think too hard or wasting time.

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