Why Tyre Colour Is Always Black?

Do you ever wonder why, with so many colours in the rainbow, tyres are always black? Tires, unlike cars, come in a variety of colours.

The rubber used to make tyres is a milky white colour, but carbon black is added as a stabilising chemical compound, turning the tyre black.

The tread compound of the tyre is made up of carbon black and other polymers. Carbon black in the rubber increases the tire’s durability and strength while also darkening its colour.

Carbon black is an important tyre additive because it helps to extend the tire’s lifespan by conducting heat away from parts of the car that get hot during driving, such as the belt areas and the tread. It also protects the tyre from the harmful effects of UV light and ozone, two well-known elements that cause tyre deterioration.

Carbon black also makes the tyre stronger, resulting in a more reliable ride. As a result, the driver of the car is kept safer.

When it comes to cleaning, the black colour of the tyre is a practical choice. It would be difficult to keep lighter-coloured tyres looking clean and nice. After a long road trip, you might spend hours trying to remove the smears and smudges.

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Tires, in other words, aren’t there for aesthetics; they’re there for function. You can dress up your wheels with attractive rims or hubcaps if you want to go all out. Tires help with better handling, comfort, and braking. Most people would choose a safe tyre over a pretty one any day.

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