Why Planes Don’t Fly Over Holy Kaaba?

Why Planes Don't Fly Over Holy Kaaba

Certain areas have strict airspace restrictions that prevent commercial aircraft from entering. These can be due to a variety of reasons, including political, religious, historical, and environmental. Kaaba is one of those restricted areas. Kaaba, also spelled Kabah, is a small shrine near the centre of Mecca’s Great Mosque, which Muslims around the world regard … Read more

There Is A Cruise Ship Named “The World” Where Residents Lives Permanently

MS The World is a cruise ship that caters to residents. It is operated as a condominium complex, with large cabins that can be purchased, unlike other cruise ships that operate like a resort. As the ship travels, the residents, who hail from 19 different countries, live on board. The World is the world’s largest … Read more