Why Planes Don’t Fly Over Holy Kaaba?

Certain areas have strict airspace restrictions that prevent commercial aircraft from entering. These can be due to a variety of reasons, including political, religious, historical, and environmental. Kaaba is one of those restricted areas.

Kaaba, also spelled Kabah, is a small shrine near the centre of Mecca’s Great Mosque, which Muslims around the world regard as the most sacred place on Earth.

The Holy Kaaba is more than a structure; it is regarded as a holy structure and the house of Allah on Earth.

Planes are unable to fly over Mecca due to the restricted airspace and lack of a fly zone.

If a plane disobeys it, it will be shot down.

The second reason aeroplanes don’t fly over the Holy Kaaba is that the Saudi government has designated Makkah as a no-fly zone for commercial flights in order to respect it.

Why Planes Don't Fly Over Holy Kaaba
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Non-Muslims are not permitted to travel to Makkah, which is the third reason for not allowing planes to fly over the Holy Kaaba. If planes are allowed to fly, many non-Muslims will be able to travel to Makkah by air.

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