Indian Man Sleeps 300 Days In A Year Due To Axis Hypersomnia

A 42-year-old man from Rajasthan, India sleeps 300 days in a year as he’s suffering from a rare disease called Axis Hypersomnia. Once he sleeps, he doesn’t wake up for at least 25 days.

The real-life Kumbhakaran is a man from Nagaur, Rajasthan, who sleeps for 300 days a year. Purkharam, 42, of Bhadwa village, suffers from Axis hypersomnia, a rare sleep disorder.

In the Ramayana, Kumbhakaran, Ravan’s younger brother, used to sleep for six months at a time.

Purkharam sleeps for 25 days at a time, despite the fact that it is recommended that people sleep for six to eight hours per day. 23 years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare disorder.

Purkharam can only run his local shop for five days a month due to his rare condition. It’s difficult to wake him up when he falls asleep.

Purkharam’s family sought medical help when he slept a lot in the early days of his illness. At the time, he was sleeping 15 hours per day.

Over time, the amount of time spent sleeping increased by several hours, and eventually by several days. His condition has gotten so bad that he now sleeps for 20 to 25 days at a time.

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While he is sleeping, family members must feed and bathe him. In fact, he might even fall asleep at his desk.

Purkharam claims that despite treatment and a lot of sleep, his body is tired all the time and his productivity is almost non-existent. Other symptoms of his condition, such as severe headaches, he also complained about.

Purkharam’s wife Lichmi Devi and mother Kanvari Devi are hopeful that he will recover quickly and resume his normal life.

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